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Das pneumatische Dosiersystem (1) Funktionsprinz_DMC_Primera_181228

The pneumatic metering system

for Primera DMC 3000-C, 4500-C, 6000-2C, 9000-2C, 9000-2C Super and 12000-2C with open hopper

Principle of function:
1. Seed
2. Fertiliser
3. Air flow
4. Distributor head
5. Land wheel
6. Divided hopper on the C-versions of the Primera DMC, seed hopper
7. Fertiliser hopper
8. Blower fan
9. Metering system with gate 
10. Metering system with injector
11. Hoop ring
12. Chisel opener

Das pneumatische Dosiersystem (2) Funktionsprinz_DMC_Primera_181228_CMS

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Das flexible Druckbehälter-Dosiersystem (1) Foerderstrecke_DMC_12001_001_d1_141218

The flexible pressurised hopper metering system

For Primera DMC 9001-2C and 12001-2C with enclosed pressurised hopper.

Example: Seed and two different fertiliser types – Single-Shoot system:
1. Seed: 50 % / Fertiliser 1: 50 %
2. Seed: 50 % / Fertiliser 2: 50 %
3. Seed
4. Fertiliser 1 
5. Fertiliser 2
6. Air flow
7. Pressurised hopper for seed / Gate 50/50
8. Pressurised hopper for fertiliser 1 / Gate 50/50
9. Pressurised hopper for fertiliser 2 / Gate 50/50

Das flexible Druckbehälter-Dosiersystem (2) Foerderstrecke_DMC_12001_001_d1_141218_CMS

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Einige Dosierwalzen im Überblick (1) Dosierwalzen_NEU

Overview of the available metering cassettes

1. 7.5 ccm: for rape, linseed and poppies
2. 120 ccm: e.g. for millet, maize, mustard, sunflowers
3. 210 ccm: e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
4. 660 ccm: e.g. for peas and beans

Other metering cassettes 
3.75 ccm: e.g. for very low quantities of fine seeds 
20 ccm:    e.g. for rape, stubble turnips, lucerne 
40 ccm:    e.g. for flax, lucerne, oil radish, red clover 
100 ccm: e.g. for catch crop mixtures 
350 ccm: e.g. for grass seed, wheat 
600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat 
800 ccm: e.g. for high seed rates

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The mechanical metering system for all Primera DMC

  • Various metering cassettes ensure the precise volumetric metering of the different seed and fertiliser types as standard. 
  • Quick exchange of the metering cassettes without tools. 
  • Precise sealing of the metering housing by a slide. 
  • Easy to check, as the metering cassettes are arranged in a clearly visible position. 
  • The seed rate setting is done on the infinitely variable Vario gearbox (maintenance-free) – proven by more than 150,000 – seed rates possible from 2 to 400 kg/ha. 
  • Tool-less set up of the metering units for calibration. 
  • Complete emptying of the hopper residues by the opening of a spring loaded flap. 
  • Sowing of all seeds – including vegetables – without any cumbersome conversion possible. 
  • All components are maintenance-friendly and laid out for maximum accessibly. 
  • Optionally available: additional mounting kit for maize and sunflower seeds for other row spacings (37.5 cm and 75 cm). 
  • Primera DMC 3000-C, 4500-C, 6000-2C and 9000-2C: Optional on-board hydraulic system with integrated oil cooler to drive the blower fan. 
  • Primera DMC 9000-2C Super, 9001-2C, 12000-2C and 12001-2C: Only with direct drive of the blower fan from the tractor.
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Distributor heads

Advantages of the distributor heads: outside of the seed hopper in view of the tractor driver. Seed hopper clutter-free and easily accessible. Monitoring the seed-fertiliser flow in the transparent distributor head cover. Optional with seed monitoring.

  1. Fertiliser
  2. Seed
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Dust collector

The dust collector reduces the level of dust in the conveying system. This increases the reliability of the tramline control system in the event of heavy dust accumulation and reduces wear in the conveying system.

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