Designing sustainably, acting responsibly

Sustainability is a much-used term today. At AMAZONE, we understand sustainability as "active responsibility for the future". This way of thinking determines our long-term actions. It is our aim to operate efficiently, precisely and in an environmentally friendly way and to meet the economic and social requirements - both today and in the future for the benefit of future generations.

Quality and energy policy

Reliable and flawless products are the trademark of our entire company. We strive continuously to improve our processes, our products, our advice and our services to contribute to our customers’ success with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Trainees design seed drill for Ethiopia

In the framework of a development aid Project four Amazone Trainees have designed a seed drill for operation in Ethiopia. The two mechatronic technicians Marius Bücker and Fabian Droste, the technical product designer Judith Hallmann and the mechanical engineering student Oliver Kubut immediately applied for this project.

Test fields

AMAZONE has been carrying out arable trials at various locations for many years to investigate the optimum interaction of soil tillage and sowing as well as fertilisation and plant protection in the overall process. The results of these trials show how you can "save in the process".

Conscientious fertiliser spreading

The individual spreading properties of a fertiliser have a great impact on the lateral distribution and spread rates. AMAZONE determines the setting data for the various fertiliser spreaders in the AMAZONE spreading hall for commercially available fertiliser types and includes it in the setting charts. This data is stored in the AMAZONE fertiliser database and can be accessed via the Internet.