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Track markers

Fully-hydraulic actuation of the track markers.

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Das Bremssystem (1) Primera-DMC6000_Fendt_d0_lg_5528_d1_151020

The braking system

Depending on the application, hydraulic braking or twin-circuit air braking systems are available.

Primera DMC 3000-C and 6000-2C: A 40 km/h approval for quick road transport is possible, depending on the individual country traffic regulations.

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Kotflügel (1) Primera6000-2C_Kotfluegel_d0_kw_PB084946


Mudguards are available for the Primera DMC as an option. This protects the hopper and the calibration unit against dirt.

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Robust frame design

The frame has been constructed with strength in mind so that the coulter modules with their parallelogram guided chisel opener units, together with the AMAZONE seed-fertiliser hopper, the pneumatic metering system, the Exact harrow and the Roller exact harrow can be combined into an absolutely reliable large area seed drill.

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Drawbars for all linkages

The narrow drawbar allows the operator to turn the machine on the spot, without the rear tractor wheels coming into contact with the drawbar. Optionally available: drawbars with different pulling eyes and a linkage drawbar with different cross shafts.

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Zwillingsbereifung (1) Primera_DMC_Zwillingsbereifung_image002_d1_230530

Dual tyres

The optional dual wheels of the Primera DMC provide a significant increase in the contact area, thereby reducing the pressure on the soil. The driving stability on the headland is also improved. The transport width is increased to 4.30 m as a result of the wider tyre surface.

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Frontwagen (1) SAM_0997_d1_201221

Front trolley

A front trolley can be used as an extension for the Primera DMC. This reduces the drawbar load on the tractor by half and is coupled between the tractor and the seed drill.

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