Catch crop seeding systems

Other techniques: sowing catch crops directly into stubble.

The soil is protected from drying out due to the soil tillage.

Sowing catch crops directly into the stubble in autumn means:

  • Stubble and straw protect the soil from drying out
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Cost reduction due to less soil tillage
  • Exploitation of the dormancy of the volunteer grain

In this respect, it makes no difference whether it concerns a winter or summer catch crop. These positive effects also become apparent in a summer catch crop, i.e. from harvest until the sowing of the main crop in the autumn.

The Primera DMC can then be used to sow a spring crop directly into the winter-killed catch crop with the chisel openers in the spring. The catch crop can be left on the field as protection for the following main crop after being chopped up and/or sprayed. The catch crop not only serves as erosion and evaporation protection but also as a nitrogen fixer and a source of organic matter.

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Große Flexibilität (1) Förderstreckenprinzip

High level of flexibility

In addition to sowing cereals, up to three different materials can be applied in one pass with the Primera DMC depending on the model, e.g. seed and fertiliser in the single-shoot process. Different seed types can also be combined.

This means that different combinations of catch crops, e.g. legumes and grass seed, can be applied simultaneously. The legumes can be sown deeper as a nitrogen fixer. Fine seeds, such as grass, can be broadcast on the surface via the baffle plates on the GreenDrill. This principle also applies to the sowing of undersown crops! However, two different seed types plus fertiliser can also be applied in this way.

Extremely beneficial

Advantages of the use of undersown crops/companion plants/catch crops:

  • Greater biodiversity
  • Less soil erosion
  • Better protection against moisture loss
  • Improved soil structure
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Fewer crop protection measures
  • CO₂ fixing and humus formation
  • Increased photosynthesis

Große Flexibilität (2)
Seed only
Große Flexibilität (3)
Single-shoot: sowing seed along with fertiliser at one placement depth

Große Flexibilität (4)
Double-shoot: sowing two seed types at different placement depths
Große Flexibilität (5)
Double-shoot: sowing two seed types with fertiliser at different placement depths

  1. Seed
  2. Fertiliser
  3. 2. Seed via GreenDrill
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More than just a seed drill!

GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box and Micro plus micro-granular applicator for Primera DMC 3000-C and 6000-2C.

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Komfortabel, flexibel und exakt (1) PrimeraDMC6000-2C_Deutz_d0_kw_P8186311_d1_201218

GreenDrill 501 – comfortable, flexible and precise

The GreenDrill seeder box is the ideal solution for sowing catch crops or the under-sowing of a secondary crop in just one operational pass. The GreenDrill seed hopper, which is safely accessed via steps has a capacity of 500 l. The seed is distributed over the entire area via distribution rails in front of the harrow.

Benefits of GreenDrill:

  • Sowing catch crops and fine seeds simultaneously with stubble cultivation or soil tillage
  • Metering rollers available for different seed rates and types
  • Full-width broadcasting via the baffle plates in front of the harrow
  • Easily accessible via access steps
  • Machine control via ISOBUS interface
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Maschinensteuerung über ISOBUS (1) Cirrus6003_GreenDrill_GD501_d0_kw_P5096339_d1_190812

Machine control via ISOBUS

Control of the GreenDrill can be achieved in various ways, depending on the machine onto which the GreenDrill has been mounted. For example, if the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a Primera DMC with an ISOBUS electronic system, it is fully integrated in the electronic system of the Primera DMC as an “ISOBUS participant”. The GreenDrill is shown in the controls of the machine operating section of the terminal as a second or third seed hopper with metering unit.

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Präzise elektrische Dosierung

Precise electric metering of the GreenDrill

The metering of the seed is carried out by an electrically driven metering unit. The electric drive facilitates easy setting of the seed rate using the ISOBUS terminal in the tractor cab. Alternatively, the electric drive can also be controlled fully automatically using application maps. It is furthermore possible to calibrate the system at the push of a button and to do pre-metering in field corners.

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Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro plus (1) Primera6000-2C_MicroPlus_d0_kw_PB084936_d1_230217

Micro plus micro-granular applicator

The Micro plus micro-granular applicator can be used to place even small quantities of products directly alongside the seed during sowing. The product metered into the conveying system via the micro-granular applicator is placed in the seed furrow together with the seed in the single-shoot process.

Micro plus is equipped with a central electric metering system under the easily accessible 110 l hopper. The generously dimensioned filling opening with a diameter of 195 mm enables quick and easy hopper filling. The micro-granular applicator is controlled via the ISOBUS software of the seed drill.

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