EasySet 2 | Fertilisation technology

Comfortable electric adjustment and control

The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal provides the option for automatic spread rate regulation at varying forward speeds. In this respect, the size of the apertures are adjusted by automatically setting the shutter position in such a way that the application rate always remains the same. All that is needed is a 12 V power connection for the in-cab terminal.

AmaSpread 2 | Fertilisation technology

New AmaSpread 2 control terminal - available immediately. The range of control terminals in the field of fertilisation has been revised. After the machine-specific terminal family was updated in 2019 with the entry level EasySet 2, a new control terminal is now available in the mid-range sector.

AmaSet+ | Crop protection technology

The AmaSet+ control box is a convenient component in ensuring user-friendly and environmentally sensitive crop protection application.

AmaSpray+ & ProfiClick | Crop protection technology

The AmaSpray+ enables simple yet fully automatic control. Switches integrated into the operator terminal enable the control of 5, 7 or 9 part-width sections.

AmaDrill 2 | Sowing technology

AmaDrill 2 has been developed especially for AMAZONE seed drills and is a cost-effective yet comfortable terminal. With the AmaDrill 2 operator terminal, the operation of the AMAZONE seed drill is possible even without any ISOBUS function for your tractor.

AmaCheck | Precision seeding technology

The AmaCheck in-cab terminal was developed specifically for operation with the Precea Special and mechanical singling drive and mechanical fertiliser metering unit. No ISOBUS system is required on the tractor.

AmaScan | Precision seeding technology

AMAZONE offers an optimum solution for the Precea Special without ISOBUS control in the shape of the AmaScan 2 in-cab terminal. The simple operation is the tailored solution for machine operation without ISOBUS and yet still provides a high level of comfort. AmaScan 2 offers even more functions than the AmaCheck operator terminal.

EasySet E+S | Winter road gritting

EasySet E+S is the ideal operator terminal for when special emphasis is put on a comfortable and very easy actuation, no matter whether it is for the E+S with PTO shaft drive or with hydraulic drive.

AmaDos E+S – with useful job management

The special strength of the AmaDos E+S, which is available for all PTO-driven E+S spreaders, is the possibility for job management. The area worked, the distance driven and the application rate are shown in the display.

EasySet 2 | Winter road gritting

EasySet 2 is the ideal in-cab controller for those looking for convenient and simple operation.