Fertiliser Delivery Cart FDC 6000

Accurate and reliable application of liquid fertiliser directly when sowing

AMAZONE developed the FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart especially for dry farming locations. It can be used in combination with the Primera DMC seed drill, the Condor seed drill, the Citan seed drill or the EDX precision air seeder. The Cart is hitched between the tractor and the towed seed drill. A pump with friction wheel drive transports the liquid fertiliser to the sowing coulters, which apply it to the soil. This combination is used to carry out sowing and starter fertilisation in a single pass. Liquid fertilisation in direct combination with sowing promotes early growth and saves an additional pass. The application of granular fertiliser is approaching its limits in these dry areas. Liquid fertiliser is immediately and fully available to the young plants at the start of their growth phase.

A combination of the FDC and a seed drill with its own granular fertiliser tank, even allows for the application of liquid fertiliser and mineral fertiliser in parallel in a single pass. Each plant can therefore be provided with nutrients, according to the environmental conditions, in an optimum way.

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Chassis and drawbar

The weight is distributed on the ground in an optimum manner by the large contact area of the two over-dimensioned 800/45/26.5 tyres, so that the soil is protected. The tractor is attached to the fertiliser tank via a Cat. 3, 4 or K700 lower link cross shaft using a drawbar eye or a ball point coupling as required. The drawbar has additional ballast weights as standard equipment to achieve optimal weight distribution and to improve the traction of the tractor. The drawbar has a hydraulic cylinder fitted as standard for connecting and disconnecting the seed drill and for the horizontal levelling of the machine. The drawbar has a hose rail fitted as standard, where the hydraulic hoses and electrical power connections can be neatly stowed after disconnecting the cart.

The rear of the FDC sports a lower link cross shaft to which the trailed seed drill can be quickly connected.

The entire combination, consisting of the FDC and the seed drill, is an easily-manoeuvrable unit that allows driving pass on pass, despite its length on the headland.

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Großvolumiger Flüssigdüngertank für hohe Leistung (1) Wendemanöver_d1_190820

Large-capacity liquid fertiliser tank for high work rates

The FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart consists of two liquid fertiliser tanks, each having a 3,000 l capacity, i.e. a total tank capacity of 6,000 l. At an application rate of 60 l/ha, one tank is sufficient for 100 ha, which corresponds to one dayshift on large farms. The two liquid fertiliser tanks have a standard fill level indicator, so that the driver can always monitor the fill level.

In addition to the fertiliser tanks, the FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart is equipped with two 300 l fresh water tanks, so that the entire Cart, including the pump and hoses, can be cleaned intermittently by flushing with water. All the tanks can be safely accessed from a working platform and have a large tank opening.

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Accurate metering and simple operation

The FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart is equipped with a speed-related spray fluid pump which allows for very accurate metering of application rates between 40 and 300 l/ha. Accurate control is achieved by the AmaSpray+ operating computer. Working speeds up to 20 km/h can be achieved. The Fertiliser Delivery Cart is filled by a separate, motor-driven filling pump with a filling rate of 500 l/min.

The liquid fertiliser is pumped through hoses to the coulters on the seed drill. The fertiliser hoses are carefully routed and they are protected by protective cladding from stone impacts and damage. The liquid fertiliser is applied through a special outlet at the sowing coulter. In order to prevent dripping at the headland, each outlet is equipped with its anti-drip diaphragm. Each outlet also has an appropriately-large metering disc, depending on the application rate.

The liquid circuit is very easily operated using the control panel on the left-hand side of the machine, which is already familiar from the AMAZONE crop protection sprayers. Suction and pressure filters in the liquid circuit remove impurities in the liquid fertiliser and ensure high application reliability.

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The primary areas of application for the FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart are in dry agricultural areas. Starter fertilisation via liquid does not draw as much residual moisture out of the soil, since the fertiliser does not first have to be dissolved to be available to the plants.

The rapid availability and better usability of liquid fertiliser, even at low temperatures, is another point that recommends liquid fertilising. The application of liquid fertiliser with the seeding operation promotes plant growth and quickly provides dense plant coverage. This reduces the weed pressure and thus reduces plant protection agent consumption. Rapid development at an early stage also has a positive influence on the yield.

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Einsatzergebnisse aus der Saison 2018 in Russland (1) mit_und_ohne_AHL_d1_190819

Application results

We applied AHL liquid fertiliser when sowing rape, malting barley, peas and soya beans. The seed drill combination consisted of the Primera DMC 9000 linked to an FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart. The application rates were of the order of 60 l/ha, so that we were able to treat an area of 100 ha. The tractor in the combination developed 320 hp. The driving speed was between 13 and 15 km/h.

The plant development with the support of AHL liquid fertiliser was clearly better than in the areas without AHL. The bright green colour of the plant is an indicator of good nutrient supply. The plants with AHL fertilisation also show much more advanced plant growth.

• left with AHL fertilisation
• right without AHL fertilisation 

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Technical data: FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart

Technical data: FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart

Transport width (mm): 
3,270 (with tyres 800/45 26.5)
3,000 (with tyres 700/50 26.5)

Transport height (mm): 2,990
Transport length (mm): 6,150
Tank capacity (l): 6,000
Tank capacity (l) (fresh water): 600
Additional power requirement (kW/PS): 37/50

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