FT-P 1502 autonomous front tank

The versatile partner in modern crop production!

FT-P 1502 autonomous front tank
The FT-P 1502 front tank is the ideal partner for any simultaneous machine operation with liquid products. These include hoes with band sprayers, seed drills with liquid fertiliser equipment and many others.

Large spray agent tank and high-capacity pump
The FT-P 1502 front tank with a nominal volume of 1,500 l (actual volume 1,660 l) is equipped with a hydraulically-driven 180 l/min piston diaphragm pump designed for self-contained use. The oil requirement for operating the pump is 35 l/min.

Simple, intelligent operation with the SmartCenter
The operator station of the FT-P 1502 front tank is positioned on the left-hand side and is easily accessible. The operator station can be equipped with the Comfort-Pack as an option. This includes the TwinTerminal 3.0 for operating the suction side, automatic fill stop for suction filling, fill level dependent, auto-dynamic agitation regulation and remotely controlled, automatic cleaning programmes for quick and thorough cleaning. The FT-P 1502 front tank is equipped with a 180 l fresh water tank that enables efficient

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Precise metering

Safe and precise metering of plant protection agents and other additives is guaranteed by the large induction system under the wide, easy-to-open dome cover. The additional step on the large folding platform in front of the spray agent tank makes the induction device very easy to reach. The induction device includes a cleaning pistol, a canister rinse nozzle with a dead man’s handle and a removable stainless steel sieve as standard. The taps for operating the cleaning pistol and the canister rinse nozzle are located directly by the dome cover and are easily accessible. In addition, a storage facility is integrated in the operator station on the tank dome.

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Precise, easy to operate and flexible in use with ISOBUS control

The application rate is controlled and regulated via independent ISOBUS control of the FT-P 1502 front tank. The ISOBUS control regulates the metering depending on the forward speed. Other functions such as automatic part-width section control or part-area, site-specific application can also be implemented. The ISOBUS terminal can also be used for the complete job management and documentation. 

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Part-width valve chest interface

A part-width valve chest with 2 to 6 part-width sections can be fixed on to any connected implement. The attached implement can be disconnected via a joining socket on the front of the valve chest leaving the part-width valve chest fixed to the machine. This always remains with the implement when the implement is changed. This means that any attached implements can be changed quickly and easily. The working range of the FT-P 1502 front tank covers an application rate of 5 to 100 l/min at a working pressure of 2.0 to 8.0 bar. 

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Precise application

The liquid fertiliser is pumped through hoses to the coulters on the seed drill. The fertiliser hoses are carefully routed and they are protected by protective cladding from stone impacts and damage. The liquid fertiliser is applied through a special outlet at the sowing coulter. In order to prevent dripping at the headland, each outlet is equipped with its anti-drip diaphragm. Each outlet also has an appropriately-large metering disc, depending on the application rate.

  • Neat routing of the fertiliser hoses to the outlet on the chisel openers of the Primera DMC
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FT-P 1502 autonomous front tank

Applications for the self-contained front tank:

  • Band spraying in conjunction with a SCHMOTZER hoe  
  • Liquid fertilisation during seeding with the Precea or Primera DMC 
  • Application of bio-stimulants during sowing 
  • Other individual applications

The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple, intuitive operation and cleaning with maximum comfort 
  • Compact design for optimum visibility 
  • Comfortable induction of supplementary products via the tank dome 
  • Precise metering via independent ISOBUS control with forward speed-related rate regulation and part-width section control, with automatic part-width section control and part-area, site-specific metering as an option 
  • Maximum flexibility enables a large number of uses 
  • Year-round, universal and flexible use in combination with various implements thanks to the autonomous control system 
  • Optimised functionality for special applications: 
    – Application of plant protection agents in combination with a hoe or 
    – Liquid fertilisation during sowing with a Primera DMC, precision sowing with a Precea

Autarker Fronttank FT-P 1502

Apart from the Primera DMC, the FT-P can also be combined with many other machines. In this case, the FT-P autonomous front tank is being used with a Schmotzer hoe.

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