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ZA-V with hydraulic shutter actuation

If equipped with the hydraulic shutter actuation, AMAZONE offers the simple possibility to operate the shutters via two double-acting hydraulic spool valves on the tractor. As with all ZA-V product models, this version is also equipped with the precision spreading system for working widths from 10 to 36 m and which includes the SBS Soft Ballistic System. It is available in hopper capacities from 1,400 to 4,200 l.

The complete shutter slide assembly underneath the outlet opening can be adjusted via individual setting levers for each side of the spreader. The position of the shutter slide assembly is fixed via an additional clamping lever. The special feature of this model and its hydraulic shutter slide adjustment is that the hydraulic cylinder for the shutter slide actuation always opens or closes completely. The position of the setting lever only serves as a fixing for the shutter slide assembly, not as a stop to the shutter slide, and thus is not pressurised. In this way, any unintentional opening or adjustment of the application rate is avoided.

The benefits of the hydraulic shutter slide actuation:

  • No operator terminal required
  • Individual hydraulic shutter control of each actuation via two double-acting spool valves
  • Alternatively also with the simple 3-way control unit
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ZA-V Easy – with the machine-specific EasySet 2 in-cab terminal

Convenient electric adjustment and control
The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal provides the option for automatic spread rate regulation at varying forward speeds. In this respect, the size of the apertures are adjusted by automatically setting the shutter position in such a way that the application rate always remains the same. All that is needed is a 12 V power connection for the in-cab terminal. The operator has the option of using an X-sensor (pulse counting), a signal cable (transmission of the tractor speed) or a GPS antenna to transmit the speed signal.

In conjunction with electrical shutter actuation, EasySet 2 has the advantage that the application rate can be adjusted in very small steps. The desired application rate is simply entered into the in-cab terminal to the exact kilogram and this can be easily increased or reduced from the cab to both sides, or to either side, during the spreading operation.

To operate the Limiter V+, the desired working height for the relevant setting is initially pre-selected using the “+/-” keys on the in-cab terminal. The system is activated via the designated Limiter button. Any changes to the Limiter function, for instance when moving from field side to border or water course spreading, are also made using the “+/-” keys. If the situation requires it, e.g. during water course spreading, the spread rate can also be reduced towards the edge of the field. 

Machine control is rounded off by a convenient function for semi-automatic rate calibration and the emptying of any fertiliser residues.

The benefits

  • Forward-speed dependent application rate regulation 
  • Comfortable electrical operation and adjustment of the application rate from the tractor cab 
  • Simple in-cab terminal without menus, only direct function keys 
  • Integrated hectare meter with total area counter 
  • Border spreading via Limiter V+ with remotely controlled spread rate reduction

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ZA-V Profis Control – With the machine-specific AmaSpread 2 in-cab terminal

Modern design meets intuitive operation 
With AmaSpread 2, AMAZONE offers an intuitive terminal for the ZA-V Profis Control weigh cell spreader. The simple operating structure combined with the high-contrast 4.3 inch colour display guarantees high levels of operator comfort. All the important functions such as the application rate and the position of the border spreading device can be actuated directly and comfortably using a back-lit button. This means that one-hand operation during spreading is not a problem.

Material-specific settings for up to ten different fertilisers can be stored and recalled at any time. In addition, the spread rate, covered area and working time are stored and can be utilised by the operator for easy documentation.

Apart from the forward-speed-related spread rate regulation, AmaSpread 2 also allows manual switching of up to six part-width sections and the use of the Profis weighing system. In addition, rapid adaptation of the fertiliser rate enables the timely reaction to field conditions. The terminal also offers precise spread rate regulation, thanks to the 200 Hz weighing system. 

When using the Limiter V+ border spreading device, the operator can switch between side, boundary or water-course spreading, depending on the border situation, without leaving the tractor cab. Optional low level sensors give the operator an early notification of an upcoming emptying of the hopper via the AmaSpread 2. The functions of the terminal are rounded off by the integration of work lights.

The benefits

  • Forward-speed dependent application rate regulation 
  • Integration of weighing functions for precise quantity control 
  • Comfortable electrical operation and adjustment of the application rate from the tractor cab 
  • Switching of up to six part-width sections 
  • Automatic positioning of the Limiter combined with spread rate reduction for side, border and water course spreading 
  • Simple operation without detailed menu guidance

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ZA-V mounted spreaders with ISOBUS

ZA-V Tronic | ZA-V Profis Tronic | ZA-V Profis Hydro 

The complete functional scope of the ISOBUS world
The ZA-V mounted spreader range is rounded off with the even more advanced ZA-V Tronic, ZA-V Profis Tronic and ZA-V Profis Hydro mounted spreaders. ISOBUS communication is integrated in these models by default.

Thanks to the quantity-effect-free aperture and the consistent, triangular-shaped spread pattern from the ZA-V’s spreading unit, excellent results can be achieved through part-width section control via spread rate adaptation when spreading in short work and in wedge-shaped fields.

The mechanically-driven ZA-V Tronic offers eight-fold part-width section control as standard. The hydraulic spreading disc drive of the ZA-V Profis Hydro also allows the combination of spread rate adaptation and spreading disc speed. This enables even more precise spreading in wedge-shaped fields. Up to 16 part-width sections are possible in combination with Section Control.

The Profis spreaders feature forward-speed-related rate regulation and a state-of-the-art 200-Hz weighing system with two weigh cells. As option for the ZA-V Profis Tronic and ZA-V Profis Hydro, a tilt sensor is also available which continually ensures a precise weight, even in hilly terrain.

For the comfortable side, border and water course spreading, the Limiter V+ can be operated through any ISOBUS terminal. The material-specific, final settings for the respective border situation are conveniently stored in the fertiliser menu.

The benefits 

  • Convenient operation with a wide variety of ISOBUS terminals 
  • Integration into the tractor operation 
  • Settings made easy – optional Bluetooth connection of the mySpreader App 
  • GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control 
  • Use of application maps with GPS-Maps&Doc 
  • Job-related documentation in the Task Controller

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ISOBUS as the basis for intelligent communication

One language, many benefits!

Each ISOBUS-enabled machine from AMAZONE comes with the latest technology and almost unlimited possibilities. It makes no difference whether you use an operator terminal from AMAZONE or an ISOBUS terminal fitted directly in the tractor. ISOBUS is an internationally recognised standard for communication between the operator terminal, tractors and connected implements on the one hand and Farm Management Information Systems on the other.

Operation with a wide variety of ISOBUS terminals

Which means that ISOBUS enables you to take control of all your ISOBUS compatible equipment. You only have to connect the machine to the respective ISOBUS terminal and the usual operator interface appears on the monitor in your tractor cab.

Benefits of ISOBUS at a glance: 

  • This worldwide standard provides a uniform interface and data exchange format that ensures compatibility even with third party manufacturers 
  • Plug and Play between machine, tractor and additional ISOBUS implements
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Perfectly developed machine operation from AMAZONE

AMAZONE machinery and operator terminals offer a range of functions which are very easy and safe to operate.

The benefits:

  • Highest compatibility and safety function of your ISOBUS equipment
  • No additional modules on the machine side. All ISOBUS machines from AMAZONE come ready-equipped with the necessary ISOBUS functions as standard
  • Practice-oriented machine software and logical menu structure
  • MiniView display with all AMAZONE terminals and additional ISOBUS terminals. See, for example, the machine data in the map view.
  • Possibility of operating the machine via the tractor terminal or a twin terminal solution
  • Flexible assignment of the map and machine view between the tractor terminal and the operator terminal
  • Unique operation concept. Freely-configurable displays and individual user interfaces for each driver
  • Useful additional functions such as automatic boom lowering on AMAZONE crop protection sprayers
  • Integrated Task Controller data logger function

Advantages of the AMAZONE machine software:

  • User-oriented and intuitive
  • Tailored to the machine
  • Function scope above and beyond the ISOBUS standard
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Automatic GPS-Switch part-area shut-off via Section Control

If the terminal is equipped with Section Control functionality, i.e. GPS-Switch part-width section control by AMAZONE, the part-width sections can be switched completely automatically depending on the GPS position. Once a field has been created, the driver can concentrate fully on operating the vehicle in automatic mode, since the part-width sections are switched automatically in wedge shaped fields and on headlands.

Benefits of automatic part-width section control:

  • Stress relief on the driver
  • Increase in precision especially at night or at higher speeds
  • Fewer overlaps and gaps
  • Saving on input costs
  • Less crop damage and less environmental pollution

1. Overlap zones
2. 8 part-width sections
3. ZA-V Tronic and ZA-V Profis Hydro in manual mode
4. 16 part-width sections
5. ZA-V Profis Hydro in automatic mode

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If the operating terminal facilitates Section Control, such as GPS-Switch part-width section control from AMAZONE, the part-width sections are activated completely automatically and in relation to the GPS position. Once a field has been created, and once in automatic mode, the driver can concentrate fully on the operation of the towing vehicle, since the part-width sections are switched automatically in wedge shaped fields and on headlands.

Benefits of automatic part-width section control: 

  • Stress relief on the driver 
  • Increase in precision especially at night or at higher speeds 
  • Fewer overlaps and gaps 
  • Saving on input costs 
  • Less crop damage and less environmental pollution

With GPS-Switch, AMAZONE offers GPS-based, fully automatic, part-width section control for all AMAZONE operator terminals and ISOBUS-compatible fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers or seed drills.

GPS-Switch basic

  • Automatic part-width section control of up to 16 part-width sections
  • Creation of virtual headlands
  • Automated boom lowering on AMAZONE crop protection sprayers
  • Optional with AmaTron 4

GPS-Switch pro (as an extension of GPS-Switch basic)

  • Automatic part-width section control with up to 128 part-width sections, in particular for crop protection sprayers with individual nozzle control
  • Marking obstacles (e.g. water holes, pylons)
  • Auto-zoom when approaching the headland
  • Optional with AmaTron 4

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SwitchPoint (1) SwitchPoint


SwitchPoint allows, when utilising GPS-Switch, to re-adjust the on/off switching points depending on the fertiliser type and the working width. Both values can be taken from the setting chart and entered into the relevant operator terminal.

  1. Headland tramline
  2. Track centre 
  3. SwitchOn Point (switching on time)
  4. SwitchOff Point (switching off time)
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GPS-Maps&DOC (1) Screens_mapsdocs_d2_200616


All standard ISOBUS terminals from AMAZONE can collect and save machine and site-specific data using Task Controller. Part-area, site-specific operation via application maps in either Shape file or ISO-XML formats is also possible.

  • Easy creation, loading and processing of jobs
  • Start a new task straight away and decide later whether the data is saved or not
  • Import and export of jobs in ISO-XML format
  • Job summary via PDF export
  • Intuitive system for processing application maps in the Shape file format and ISO-XML format
  • Automatic part-area, site-specific regulation of the application rate
  • Indication of inactive field boundaries and automatic field detection when approaching the area
  • Optimum crop management through needs-based application
  • Available as standard for AmaTron 4

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The GPS-Track parallel guidance greatly helps with orientation in the field, especially on grassland or in areas without tramlines.

  • With a virtual light bar in the status bar
  • Automatic tramline control via GPS for seed drills
  • Various track modes such as A-B lines or contour following
  • Optional with AmaTron 4

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Software licence for displaying a camera image on AmaTron 4. 

  • Automatic display of the camera image on AmaTron 4 when reversing
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AmaTron 4 – Manager 4 all (1) app-karussel_ZA-TS_d0_20221007_CMS

AmaTron 4 – Manager for all

Simple and convenient operation, as intuitive as your tablet: Why not handle a terminal as intuitively as a tablet or a smartphone? With this in mind, AMAZONE developed the highly intuitive and operator-friendly AmaTron 4 which offers a noticeably smoother operation, especially when it comes to job management. AmaTron 4, with its 8" multi-touch colour display, meets the highest demands and offers you maximum user-friendliness. Via a finger swipe or the App carousel, one quickly navigates from application to application and to the clearly and simply structured operator terminal. The practical MiniView, a freely configurable status bar and an integrated light bar make the AmaTron 4 exceptionally easy and convenient to use.

Benefits of AmaTron 4:

  • Automatic full screen mode when not in use
  • Automatic control button display via a proximity sensor
  • Practical MiniView concept
  • Actuation via multi-touch colour display or soft keys
  • Especially intuitive and user-friendly
  • Field-related documentation
  • Practice oriented and intelligent menu navigation
  • Practical quick-start menu with import and export of job data, help windows, day/night mode and the AUX-N assignment
  • One camera input and automatic reversing detection
  • Free test phase for all chargeable licences
  • AmaTron Connect – for optional entry into the digital age

Equipped as standard with: 

  • GPS-Maps&Doc
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AmaPilot+ – everything in one hand!

Thanks to the AUX-N feature, you can operate multiple functions on the machine via AmaPilot+ or any other ISOBUS multi-function joysticks.

Advantages of AmaPilot+:

  • Almost all the functions directly to hand via the 3 levels
  • Adjustable palm rest
  • Freely-available key assignment
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AmaTron Connect

New ways of comfortable networked operation

With AmaTron Connect, AMAZONE provides a digital interface to a smartphone or tablet. The mobile device is simply connected to the AmaTron 4 as a hotspot. AmaTron Connect enables use of the AmaTron Twin App as well as data exchange via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App.

AmaTron Twin App – Clear display enhancement

The AmaTron Twin App offers the driver even more comfort in work, as GPS functions in the map view can also be operated via a mobile device, such as a tablet, in parallel with machine operation in AmaTron 4.

Advantages of the AmaTron Twin display enhancement: 

  • Use of an existing mobile device  
  • Greater clarity – all applications in view 
  • Comfortable control of GPS functions in the map view in parallel via the mobile device 
  • Clear, authentic representation of the working machine and its part-width sections

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AGRIROUTER (2) agrirouter_Logo_ready-for_farbig_CMS

agrirouter – the independent data exchange platform for agriculture

Secure data exchange: agrirouter is an independent data exchange platform for farmers and contractors. It enables simple and cross-manufacturer data exchange between machines and agricultural software applications, thereby reducing administration. The user retains full control over the data at all times.

Benefits of agrirouter:

  • Simple data exchange between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS operator terminal and the manufacturer-independent agrirouter data exchange platform
  • Easy and rapid transfer of job and task data without the need for a USB stick
  • More flexibility for data exchange and documentation

myAmaRouter App – For the on-line transfer of data between AmaTron 4 and agrirouter
The myAmaRouter App enables data to be exchanged between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and the agrirouter, the manufacturer-independent data exchange platform. If an AMAZONE machine is to be used to carry out a task with job data (e.g. application maps), the data can be easily transmitted from a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to AmaTron 4 via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App. After the work has been completed, the job can be sent back and is available for documentation in an agricultural software application.

Uncomplicated data transfer. Transparent and secure!

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Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

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SmartLearning - EasyCheck

Precise spreading made easy – a digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution. Instead of using the test trays, as with the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight rubber mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones.