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Tine quick change system

The tines are simply pushed into the sockets of the tine carrier and secured with a lynch pin. It couldn’t be easier or quicker. There are no tine fixing bolts that require retightening. The tines are forged from special hardened steel and are yet elastic and extremely wear-resistant.

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Safe-System (1)


The sprung tine fixing system allows the tines to yield when stones are encountered. The tines are firmly clamped in the socket through the centre of the tine carrier. This socket becomes wider towards the outside, so that the horizontal part of the tine can twist out of position. Much of the shock is thus absorbed when the tip of the tine hits a stone. This tine fixing system ensures safe operation in stony soils.

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Manual working depth adjustment

Since the roller and the levelling board are guided in parallel, the working depth can be set very easily and independently. The working depth can be comfortably tailored to the field and operating conditions without the need for tools by means of a quadrant giving the finest of settings. Mechanical working depth adjustment is available for all KE 02 models.

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Hydraulic working depth adjustment

The optional hydraulic working depth adjustment for all rigid KE 02 models offers the driver even more comfort and possibilities. This allows the rotary harrow to be easily tailored to the field and operating conditions from the tractor cab whilst on the move. A scale ensures optimum control of the working depth.

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Levelling board

The levelling board levels the soil flow between the tines and the roller and presses obstacles downwards. With the universal operating tool, the height of the levelling board can be adjusted with ease.

The benefits: 

  • Independent height control parallel to the roller
  • Integrated overload safety protection allows for upward evasion
  • Optionally, the levelling board can also be left out

“The roller now guides the levelling board for height. So, readjustment is not necessary when the rotary cultivator is allowed to work deeper.”
(“dlz agrar magazine” Mechanics meets Electronics · 01/2017)

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Side plates

The newly-developed side plates are spring-loaded. Thanks to their suspension, the side plates can be adjusted via a slotted hole and easily exchanged when worn. The universal setting tool supplied as standard is all that is needed to make the adjustment.

The benefits:

  • Convenient depth adjustment
  • The spring-loaded guidance makes upward evasion possible

“The depth of the lower wear plate can be comfortably readjusted: Slacken the bolts and push the plate into the desired “notch”, retighten the bolts – finished.”
(“dlz agrar magazine” Test report Cataya Super · 01/2017)

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