Stabwalze SW 520 mm ∅ (1) KG_3000_Stuetzwalze_001_d0_jg_d1_191004

SW 520 mm ∅ cage roller

The SW cage roller is a reliable, inexpensive entry-level roller with a particularly low weight. Reconsolidation takes place transverse to the direction of travel with good crumbling and an open surface structure.

  • Reconsolidation with depth control
  • Extremely lightweight entry-level roller, especially suitable for smaller tractors
  • Good crumbling with a reliable self-driving effect
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Zahnpackerwalze PW 500 600 mm ∅ (1) Trapezringwalze_TRW_d0_kw_3386_d1_190108

PW tooth packer roller 500 / 600 mm ∅

The PW tooth packer roller features a good self-driving effect and, with its leading teeth, it performs a good reconsolidation all across the whole surface. The tooth packer roller is extremely versatile due to these features.

  • Complete reconsolidation over the entire soil surface
  • Runs blockage-free on sticky soils and where there is a lot of straw
  • As standard with hard metal coated, wear resistant scrapers
  • Low-mounted scrapers ensure a smooth surface even in wet soil conditions
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Trapezringwalze TRW 500 mm 600 mm ∅ (1) Trapezringwalze_TRW_d0_kw_3386_d1_190108

TRW 500 mm / 600 mm ∅ trapezium roller

With its trapezium rings, the TRW trapezium roller provides reconsolidation in strips. Due to its good carrying ability, the trapezium rings are prevented from sinking in too deep on light soils. 

  • Good carrying capability
  • Strip-wise reconsolidation
  • Adequate fine soil
  • As standard with hard metal coated, wear resistant scrapers
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Keilringwalze KW 520 mm 580 mm ∅ (1) Walze_KW_213011_d0_kw_P9143583_d1_170927

KW wedge ring roller 520 mm / 580 mm ∅

The KW wedge ring roller benefits from a wide range of applications. Its design ensures reconsolidation in strips in almost all soils under any conditions. There is no chance of sticking, clogging or blocking up.

  • Universal for all soils and conditions
  • Strip-wise reconsolidation
  • Even in heavy soils, sufficient loose earth is available for optimum seed coverage
  • Ideal for any weather, wet or dry Smooth coulter travel due to the pre-formed seed furrow
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Keilringwalze mit Matrixreifenprofil KWM 600 mm ∅ (1) Walze_KWM600_212984_d0_kw_P9143581_d1_170927

KWM 600 mm ∅ wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile

The KWM wedge ring roller, with its Matrix tyre profile offers a particularly good self-driving effect. The roller produces more fine soil for the seedbed due to the Matrix profile.

  • Strip-wise reconsolidation
  • Matrix tyre profile for improved self-driving effect
  • Improved crumbling even under tough conditions
  • Smooth coulter travel due to the pre-formed seed furrow
  • Very well suited to any weather, no matter whether wet or dry
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