a | GPS-Maps&Doc – for documentation of the work done and the ability to use application maps

Task Controller (Doc)

A needs-based and part-area, site-specific management of the crop as well as complete documentation are becoming more and more important in the wake of the stricter regulations, such as the current Fertiliser Regulations or the reduced use of plant protection agents. The AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals with the standard Task Controller function enable part-area, site-specific documentation of the data as well as data exchange with a Farm Management Information System (FMIS), in order to ensure that the measures are not only planned in advance but also precisely documented during work. The standardised ISO-XML format is used for this purpose. Job data can be conveniently imported to the terminal and/or the finished documentation can be exported after the job is completed.


GPS-Maps make it easy to carry out part-area, site-specific management of seed, fertilisers or plant protection agents. Application maps in an ISO-XML or Shape file format can be utilised for this purpose.

The GPS-Maps&Doc licence offers the following practical advantages:

  • Easy creation, loading and processing of jobs
  • Start a new task straight away and decide later whether the data is saved or not
  • Import and export of jobs in ISO-XML format
  • Job summary via PDF export
  • Intuitive system for processing application maps in the Shape file format and ISO-XML format
  • Automatic part-area, site-specific regulation of the application rate
  • Indication of inactive field boundaries and automatic field detection when approaching the area