Nitrogen sensor technology | Fertilisation technology

ZA-TS 3200 with Claas Axion

Systems for part-area, site-specific nitrogen fertilisation have been known for years. Some service providers now offer soil sampling with GPS support. The results can be used to create an application map which serves as a basis for part-area, site-specific fertilisation in combination with AMATRON 3, CCI 100, AMAPAD or other ISOBUS terminals. This method balances the nutrient supply and therefore creates optimum part-area, site-specific conditions for plant growth from a plant nutrition point of view.

Sensor systems can be used to exploit further yield potential. Biomass, plant height, chlorophyll content and green colouration are used as indicators for determining the quantities of nitrogen already absorbed and the nitrogen requirement. This data is determined by means of sensor systems and converted to the optimum application rate via modern on-board computers such as AMATRON 3, CCI 100 Terminal or AMAPAD, and the rate of application is controlled accordingly. The further technical development of mineral fertilisation is also characterised by sensor systems which can record a wide range of data online and control complex distribution systems.