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Messerwalze als Vorwerkzeug für die Cirrus (1) Cirrus_6003-2C_bei_der_Saat_von_Winterweizen_nach_Sonnenblumen_d1_211006

Knife roller as a front tool for the Cirrus

The Cirrus can be equipped with a knife in front of the disc segment as an option. This optional equipment improves field emergence, because additional fine soil is produced by the knife roller. This new combination means that other passes beforehand can be dispensed with. 

Messerwalze als Vorwerkzeug für die Cirrus (2) Cirrus6003-2C_Fendt_d0_kw_P9099412_d1_211220
The knife roller as an aggressive front tool for the Cirrus 6003-2

Wide range of applications

Messerwalze als Vorwerkzeug für die Cirrus (3) Illu_Messerwalze_Vorwerkzeug_Cirrus _6003-2_d1_211006
The knife roller on the Cirrus 6003-2

Preparation for cereals after sunflowers involves cutting the tall stalks at right angles and aligning them in the longitudinal direction by the Minimum TillDiscs. The seed placement accuracy is thereby considerably increased since the sowing coulter is not lifted up by the crop residues.

Even shredding and incorporation of maize stubble helps promote good field hygiene after the maize harvest. The knife roller on the Cirrus 6003-2 saves an additional run with a mulcher, a roller or a disc harrow when cultivating stubbles.

The knife roller improves the flexibility by enabling direct sowing into a standing catch crop. The catch crop is cultivated intensively in a single pass and incorporated in the soil, if necessary.

Long service life

The Cirrus knife roller is characterised by its extreme robustness. The sturdy roller bearing mounts and the knives made from Boron steel are distinctive characteristics and ensure a long service life. The knife fixings are recessed into the round tube on the roller. The enclosed roller core is extremely insensitive to stones and dirt contamination. The knife roller is absolutely maintenance-free as a result of the spherical roller bearings and the face seals. Reversible blades, sharpened on both sides, halve the wear costs.

Perfect working profile

A unique selling point of the knife roller is the V-shaped arrangement of the knives. Lateral pull is eliminated by this special knife layout.

Messerwalze als Vorwerkzeug für die Cirrus (4) Cirrus6003-2C_Fendt_d0_kw_P9099342_d1_211006
Use of the knife roller to produce a fine soil seedbed when sowing wheat

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Soil-engaging options – For excellent seedbed preparation

From choice, the Cirrus can be equipped with a Crushboard in front or behind the disc segment. If it is undulations that require levelling or hard clods that have to be broken, the Crushboard is in the right position in front of the discs. Under very light conditions, the Crushboard behind the discs can also help settle the soil flow. The reconsolidation will be even more uniform. The front tyre packer can also be combined with the Cirrus with Crushboard.

Tractor wheel mark eradicators
For operation on compaction-sensitive soils and at a reduced working depth, the optionally available tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense. They loosen the packed wheel tracks behind the tractor tyres. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The special kinematics of the eradicators provides a constant spring force over the entire area of deflection. The wedge shares safely loosen yet, however, do not bring stones to the surface.

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Packers – For even better reconsolidation

T-Pack U
The front T-Pack U intermediate axle packer rolls the area in the centre of the cultivation disc segment. The soil in front of the machine is thereby additionally reconsolidated. This is of particular benefit on light soils.

T-Pack S
With the T-Pack S side packer, when using the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C under light to medium conditions or following the plough, the soil can be pre-rolled ahead of the disc segment, providing additional reconsolidation. The T-Pack S can be combined with the tractor wheel track eradicator on the Cirrus 6003-2.

T-Pack IN
The front packer in the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C can be supplemented by the T-Pack IN. This is mounted in the centre of the machine underneath the drawbar and consolidates the area between the tractor tracks.

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