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The metering makes the difference – Simple, central and convenient adjustment. Perfect metering

Precise metering drive
The metering system is suitable for all seeds and sowing rates from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha. Large metering cassettes generate low peripheral speeds and protect the seed from damage. Conversion from fine seeds to normal seeds is carried out in seconds by exchanging the metering cassettes. They can even be changed when the seed hopper is full. The metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seed types. Additional cassettes are available, for instance, for maize or specialist crops.  

Metering cassettes for different seed types

Die Dosierung macht’s (6)
7.5 ccm – for rape, linseed and poppies

Die Dosierung macht’s (3)
20 ccm– for rape, stubble turnips, lucerne

Die Dosierung macht’s (7)
100 cccm – For very low cereal seed rates

Die Dosierung macht’s (8)
120 ccm – for green manure, maize, sunflowers

Die Dosierung macht’s (4)
210 ccm– e.g. for barley, rye, wheat

Die Dosierung macht’s (9)
350 ccm – For fertiliser

Die Dosierung macht’s (5)
600 ccm– for spelt, oats, wheat

Die Dosierung macht’s (10)
660 ccm – For peas and beans

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Comfort-Paket 1 mit TwinTerminal 3.0 (1) TwinTerminal_001_d1_141222

Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

In order to make pre-metering, calibration and emptying of any residual amounts even easier, AMAZONE offers Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0 for the Cirrus in conjunction with an ISOBUS terminal. The TwinTerminal is mounted directly on the seed drill near the metering units. The location of this offers a decisive benefit: The driver can now perform the calibration operation and input the data from that calibration directly into the machine and no longer has to repeatedly get on and off the tractor. The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water- and dust-proof housing with a 3.2" display and 4 large keys for control.

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Segmented distributor head with electric half-side shut-off

The segmented distributor head provides huge flexibility for the pneumatic seed drill. Asymmetrical tramlines can be implemented without any undesirable seed rate reduction on the other half of the machine. The segmented distribution head facilitates the electric half-side shut-off. The half-side control is located directly inside the distributor head.  In combination with Section Control, or GPS-Switch automated part-width section control from AMAZONE, the use of the half-side shut-off can lead to considerable savings, as overlaps and unsown areas are avoided.

The benefits: 

  • Electric half-side shut-off 
  • Reduction in overlapping saves seed 
  • Minimising dust creation inside the seed hopper because no seed is rerouted
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Saatleitungsüberwachung FlowSense_Tower_d1_230212_CMS

Seed pipe monitoring

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which detects immediately any blockages down at the coulter and in the seed tube. Mounted directly behind the distributor head, sensors monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. Incorrect switch-over of the tramline rhythm is automatically detected by the system. Especially on long working days, the monitoring is an elegant solution to help keep an eye on the working performance.

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Hydraulischer Gebläseantrieb (1) Cirrus03_details_d0_kw_7543_d1_1910299_CMS

Hydraulic blower fan drive

The new high output blower fan is characterised by a low oil flow requirement of 21 l/min at 3,500 rpm as well as minimal noise generation.

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