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RoTeC-Control-Schar – Das unviverselle Einschabenschar (1) RoTec-Schar_91_d1_200310

RoTeC coulter – The universal single disc coulter

RoTeC coulters are maintenance-free and work very reliably, even where large amounts of straw and plant residues prevail. The sowing disc and a furrow former create the seed furrow profile and provide optimum seed placement into the soil. The Control 10 depth guidance disc or the Control 25 depth guidance roller prevent the soil from sticking to the sowing disc, thereby ensuring that the pre-selected sowing depth is precisely maintained.

Advantages of the RoTeC coulter

  • High-performance single disc coulter for wet and cohesive soil types 
  • High level of self-cleaning through the depth guidance roller 
  • Decoupling of coulter guidance and reconsolidation 
  • Up to 35 kg additional coulter pressure

The maintenance-free RoTeC pro single disc coulter
1. Tool-free adjustment of sowing depth in 3 steps.
2. Reinforced support arm with a coulter pressure of up to 35 kg. Central coulter pressure adjustment.
3. Choice of 25 mm or 10 mm “Control” combined depth control and cleaning disc for even seed placement.
4. Furrow former for a clean profile seed furrow.
5. Seed guide tube up to the furrow former for even seed placement.
6. Sowing disc ∅ 320 mm made of boron steel, working angle of 7°, for smooth operation of the coulter.
7. Exact harrow for excellent seed coverage.

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Ingenious independent depth control of coulter and following harrow

One of the unbeatable advantages of the RoTeC coulter is that there is no connection between depth control and the reconsolidation system. This means that the coulter is raised only once when passing a stone. Furthermore, the coulter and harrow pressure can be adjusted independently of each other. This very even and accurately controlled way of guiding the RoTeC coulter is ensured by the Control 10 depth guidance disc with its 10 mm wide contact area or the Control 25 depth guidance roller with its 25 mm wide contact area mounted directly on the coulter.

The basic setting of the sowing depth takes place without tools and in 3 steps directly on the coulter.

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Schardruckverstellung (1) Schardruck_Andruck_d1_151006

Coulter pressure adjustment

RoTeC coulters are operated with a coulter pressure of up to 35 kg. In this case, the actual effective coulter pressure is comparatively higher with AMAZONE, because the pressure is not distributed between the coulter and the following press roller, but acts solely on the coulter. Working with less coulter pressure is possible without any problem when sowing rape or early sowing in dry conditions.

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Robust und präzise (1) Schlepp-Schar

WS suffolk coulter – A robust and accurate plough-based coulter for all D9 mounted seed drills

The WS Suffolk coulter is particularly well-suited to seeding after the plough or if there is only a little straw, for example, after harvesting oil seed rape or turnips. The cast material of the coulter tip has an exceptionally long service life. For larger farms with hardwearing soils, a quick coulter tip change, when replacement is necessary, is possible by removing just one bolt.

The 3-row layout and the large coulter stagger prevent blockages in amongst the coulters. A funnel in the coulter guides the seed precisely down into the coulter tip. The back-up flap prevents the coulter outlet from being blocked when the machine is set down.

Depending on the machine model, a row spacing from 12.0 cm or 16.6 cm is available (see technical data).

1) Back-up flap
2) Hard cast tip

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Säbelscharspitze (1) D9-AD3_0028_frei

Sabre coulter tip

The sabre coulter tip was developed for very shallow seed placement on light soils or for mulch sowing with an average amount of prevailing straw. It can be replaced with the WS tip with very little effort.

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Bandsaatschuhe (1) D9-AD3_0029_frei

Band sowing shoes

Band sowing shoes are easy to attach and allow the seed to be distributed in a broad strip as well as helping to reduce the placement depth.

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Solodrillsaat (2) D9-3000-Super_002_d2_d1_190920

Drag tine harrow – The robust and cost-effective alternative

The drag tine harrow is primarily used with WS coulters. If the soil has little or no straw, this is a cost-effective and soil-preserving alternative. The harrow mounting has an integrated anti-reversing lock, which protects the harrow from damage if the machine should inadvertently roll back.

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Exact harrow

The Exact harrow is used to cover the open seed furrows and to level out the soil; it works reliably, even if there are large amounts of straw present. With its individually pivoting harrow elements, the Exact harrow follows the undulations of the soil perfectly, ensuring an even seed coverage on soils either with or without straw.

The harrow pressure is mechanically adjusted by inserting a centrally-positioned pin. When equipped with hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, a minimum and maximum value is predefined by inserting pins. Thus the harrow and coulter pressure can be simultaneously adjusted with a single tractor spool valve whilst on the move, to adjust to varying soils.

1. Exact harrow

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Pre-emergence markers

When creating tramlines, the marker discs automatically lower and mark where the tramline will be created. This allows the tramline position to be visible before the seed has germinated.

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Roller harrow

The Roller harrow additionally consolidates the soil above the seed furrow resulting in the optimum germination conditions. This is recommended especially for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. The result is an undulating surface profile that reduces erosion. The roller pressure, which can be adjusted completely independently of the coulter pressure, represents a particular advantage.

1. Mechanical harrow pressure adjustment
2. Roller harrow

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Harrow pressure adjustment

The centralised adjustment of the Roller harrow is carried out via the adjusters with overload safety protection. Thus the intensity of the roller pressure can also be very flexibly adjusted and the pressure on the rollers can also be completely released. So, the press rollers can, for instance during late autumn sowing in wet conditions, be lifted out completely. The drag tine harrow can be accurately adjusted via a series of holes.

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Sämaschinenrad-Spurlockerer (1) D9-AD3_0040_d1_190923

Seed drill wheel track eradicator

The idea behind the seed drill track eradicators is to loosen the soil behind the seed drill wheels once more. The working depth and intensity of operation can be adapted to local conditions. Thanks to the stone release system, the point is simply deflected upwards when it meets a stone.

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Tractor wheel track eradicator for D9

The optionally available tractor wheel mark eradicators are appropriate for solo operation of the D9 mounted seed drill on compaction-sensitive soils and when sowing at shallow depths. They loosen the packed wheel tracks behind the tractor tyres. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. A heavy-duty version is also available for very stony soils.

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