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Profis weighing technology – Who weighs wins!

No calibration. Top up the spreader hopper up and off we go! There is nothing simpler.

Profis Wiegetechnik (1) AuF-6_Wiegerahmen_001_d0_20121217_ohne_Linien

The weighing system offers controlled convenience and more reliability. It enables on-line determination of the different spreading material properties with two 200 Hz load cells – providing a high level of measuring accuracy. It automatically compares the actually applied rate with the pre-determined rate. Deviations in the flow characteristics, for example when spreading blended mineral fertilisers, are detected and the spreader is re-adjusted automatically via the electric metering shutter slides. In addition, for field-related nutrient application, for example, the applied rate is precisely documented. In addition, for field-related nutrient application, for example, the applied rate is precisely documented.

In addition, the application rate can be altered at any time by pressing a button on the ISOBUS terminal.

Der Neigungssensor (1) ZA-TS_Fendt_004_d2_130718
Compact tractor mounting
The advantages
Regulating/calibrating under all operating conditions:

  • Side, border and water course spreading 
  • Spreading in wedge-shaped fields
  • Using application maps/N-sensors

Absolute weight assessment:

  • Residual volume display 
  • Residual area and residual width display 
  • Documentation of the total volume spread

Profis Wiegetechnik (2) ZA-TS_Details_d0_cw_IMG_1472_Beleuchtung_an_d2_221020
Filling aid in combination with the Profis weighing system

Profis Wiegetechnik (3) AuF-6_Wiegerahmen_001_d0_20121217_ohne_Linien
1) Weighing frames 2) Horizontally aligned tie bars 3) Weighing cells

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Tilt sensor for steeper sloping terrain

Any possible influences due to a change in the centre of gravity are taken into account on the Profis by the on-the-move signal from the tilt sensor. A twin-axis tilt sensor that assesses the front and back tilt as well as to the left and right, corrects measurement errors that may arise when going up and down hills or when driving across a hillside.

Der Neigungssensor für stark hügeliges Gelände (1) Illu_Neigungssensorik_ZA-TS_d2_20181102
For simplifying the mounting of the ZA-TS onto the tractor in the horizontal position, the angle of the ZA-TS Profis is comfortably displayed in the ISOBUS terminal.

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ProfisPro-Wiegetechnik mit Drehmomentmessung (1) ZA-TS4200_Claas_d0_kw_DJI_0336_d2_221020_16_9

ProfisPro weighing system with torque measuring

The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system combines the benefits of the weighing system with the FlowControl torque measuring system

ProfisPro-Wiegetechnik mit Drehmomentmessung (2) ZA-TS4200_voob_75_grau_90%_d1_201014_d0_20221004

The spread rate regulation between the Profis weighing system and the FlowControl sensors is a unique selling feature for AMAZONE.

ProfisPro for Tronic and Hydro 
The intelligent ProfisPro weighing system is available for both the Tronic version with mechanical drive, and the Hydro version with hydraulic drive.

New rate calibration completely thought through: ProfisPro

The correlation between application rates and the torque generated at the spreading disc at different working widths has been determined for all types of fertiliser on the basis of numerous spreading tests. Put simply: Low application rates generate less torque on the disc than higher rates.

FlowControl reliably monitors the torque on each spreading disc drive independently and can immediately adjust the position of the application rate shutters in the event of a deviation from the target rate.

In addition, the driver has an overview of the actual quantity remaining in the hopper at all times as well as the possibility to display the remaining travelling distance until empty.

Optimised spread rate from the very first second

This combination of weighing system and FlowControl enables the fertiliser spreader to use torque in order to regulate its theoretical application rate over the complete spreading process. The Profis weighing system monitors the actual spread rate every 25 kg. This allows FlowControl to recalibrate itself at regular intervals. This takes place without any need to stop. The ProfisPro intelligent weighing system means that the spread rate is optimised from the very first second of the spreading process.

The advantages
The right process for all conditions:

  • rate calibration irrespective of which side 
  • absolute precision from the very first second 
  • detection of empty runs and blockages 
  • double security as a result of mutual monitoring of both systems

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FlowCheck for monitoring the shutter apertures

AMAZONE offers the FlowCheck monitoring device for the ZA-TS Hydro series as an inexpensive alternative to FlowControl.

Whereas FlowControl can control and adjust the application rate independently to each side, FlowCheck only detects blockages and when one of the two shutter apertures is running empty. Should a blockage occur, both systems rectify the fault by quickly opening and closing the shutter slide whilst simultaneously reversing the agitator. This means absolute reliability of operation for the farmer.

FlowCheck zur Überwachung der ­Auslauföffnungen (1) FlowCheck-Sensor_ZA-TS_Hydro_d0_20221013
FlowCheck sensors in the hydraulic circuit

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Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

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