AutoTS + ClickTS | The disc-integrated border spreading systems

AutoTS – comfortable and precise lateral distribution right up to the field boundary

AutoTS – adjusting the delivery vane for boundary spreading

The various border spreading techniques - side, border and water course spreading - can be easily activated from the cab independently to each side via the terminal by means of the AutoTS disc-integrated border spreading system.

The ingenious operating principle of AutoTS

An actuator turns the delivery vane by approx. 10 °, so that the fertiliser is guided via the shorter border spreading vane in border and water course spreading. The combination of speed and using the shorter vane means that the fertiliser is thrown a considerably shorter distance without stressing it mechanically.

"The design specification for the development of the Amazone ZA-TS was clear: no more compromises between normal spreading and side, border and water course spreading at the field boundary." (Profi magazine – Streuwerke in der Praxis "Hydraulisch oder mechanisch" [Spreading systems in practice "Hydraulic or mechanical"]· 06/2017)

AutoTS – position for normal spreading
AutoTS –position of the delivery vane during boundary spreading

Higher yields in the boundary zone with AutoTS and ClickTS

Border spreading with ClickTS

The AutoTS and ClickTS border spreading systems make it possible for the operator to reliably generate a very steep cut-off to the border spread pattern and thus create perfect growing conditions close to the field boundary. As a result, a significant increase in yield compared to previous boundary spreading systems is possible.


The AutoTS spreading system provides automatic rate reduction when border spreading. The rate can be changed in freely selectable percentage steps. As the two spreading discs can be operated independently of each other, an overall or an individual rate change can be set.

AutoTS boundary spreading system       

Conventional boundary spreading systems


The throwing distance of the fertiliser is restricted by a shorter spreading vane.

The mechanical deflection of the fertiliser causes damage to the granules which then drop next to the tramline.


The fertiliser remains undamaged and is optimally distributed up to the field boundary.

This quantity of damaged fertiliser is then missing from the boundary zone area resulting in under-fertilisation.


Due to the reduced throwing speed of the fertiliser, only a few granules fall beyond the field boundary.

Not all the fertiliser granules are mechanically deflected, so that some are spread well beyond the field boundary.

Slope spreading - Proven precision!

This simple special option can fundamentally optimise the lateral distribution of the fertiliser on slopes. Application errors are reduced and a uniform crop is obtained. In this way, the yield potential can be fully exploited and the environment protected.

STILLNESS at the touch of a button

Wherever you are in the world, the wind is always blowing. According to Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, of HTW Dresden, the influence of wind on the spread pattern can be continuously monitored and automatically compensated for by a wind sensor. This enables an optimum spread pattern to be generated, even in difficult windy conditions.

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

Calculate that extra profit: With the AMAZONE Border Spreading Calculator

With the AutoTS system, an average yield increase of approximately 17 percent compared with conventional systems can be obtained in the field boundary area.

Calculate the benefit yourself!

EasyCheck - Digital, mobile test kit for the simple optimisation of lateral distribution

Precise spreading made easy – a digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution. Instead of using the test trays, as with the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight rubber mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones.

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