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For the perfect mix 

With the Ceus-TX, AMAZONE also offers a rigid machine for smaller farms with tractors from 150 hp. The Ceus 3000-TX and Ceus 4000-TX models are equipped with centre running gear. They are sure to impress with an excellent quality of work and high manoeuvrability as a result of the narrow working width and the centrally located TX running gear.

Overview of the Ceus-TX: 

  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment of the disc element 
  • Manual working depth adjustment of the tine element via eccentric pins 
  • Depth control is provided via the roller and lower link cross shaft 
  • The right roller for every soil type

Ceus 3000-TX, 3.0 m working width
Ceus 4000-TX, 4.0 m working width

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Folding for high outputs and fast transport

The Ceus-2TX, in working widths from 4 m to 7 m, is designed for farms with large acreages but short application windows. The Ceus offers maximum performance under all conditions thanks to the combination of the disc and tine elements. Depending on the working width, the Ceus-2TX requires tractors from 200 hp. The folding frame also means that the Ceus to be driven comfortably and quickly on the road. 

Overview of the Ceus-2TX: 

  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment of the disc element 
  • Optional hydraulic working depth adjustment of the tine element 
  • Exact depth control via drawbar and rear roller and also the additional support wheels at working widths from 6 m 
  • The right roller for every soil type

Ceus 4000-2TX, 4.0 m working width
Ceus 5000-2TX, 5.0 m working width
Ceus 6000-2TX, 6.0 m working width
Ceus 7000-2TX, 7.0 m working width

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Mehrere Arbeitsgänge in einer Überfahrt (1) Ceus3000TX_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0340_d1_221019

Multiple operational processes in a single pass

With the trailed disc and tine combination cultivator, several operational processes can be combined in one pass. For example, the front disc element with serrated 510 mm discs enables shallow cultivation at working depths of 5 to 14 cm.

The following C-Mix tine element can then be used for the subsequent loosening down to a depth of 35 cm. At the same time, the downforce of the tine element which occurs during tillage increases the cutting effect of the front disc element.

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Das System im Vergleich zum Grubber (1) Ceus6000-2TX_super_d0_kw_IMG_7027_d1_170822

The system in comparison with a cultivator

The Ceus is the universal machine for soil tillage. The principle of the Ceus is different from that of an ordinary cultivator. When the two implements are compared, the Ceus shows its strengths first and foremost with its intensive mixing. The front disc element helps with distribution and incorporation, especially in fields with a large amount of organic material.

The low pulling power requirement of the Ceus provided by the wider spacing of the tines is also sure to impress when deep loosening. The front disc element means that the Ceus gets by with a larger tine spacing without having to compromise its mixing performance.

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The front disc element

  • Organic matter is thoroughly shredded and mixed 
  • This promotes rotting 
  • If only deep loosening is required, the disc element can be lifted out of work, even at the maximum working depth of the tine element

Das vorlaufende Scheibenfeld (1) Ceus_Arbeiten_Scheibenfeld_max_Tiefe_d1_170626
Operation with the disc element but without the tine element

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The tine element

  • The following tine element enables those deep soil layers to be loosened down to 35 cm  
  • Flexible working depth adjustment also allows a shallow working depth of the tines just below the disc element 
  • It is also possible to work without the tine element for shallow surface soil movement

Das Zinkenfeld (1) Ceus_Arbeiten_Scheibenfeld_ausser_Eingriff_d1_170626
Operation with the tine element but without the disc element

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The combination makes the difference

  • The combination of the disc and tine element provides extremely reliable and economical soil tillage in short windows of use  
  • Complete movement of the soil horizon thanks to the combination of the disc and tine elements

Die Kombination macht den Unterschied (1) Ceus_Arbeiten_Standart_d1_170622
Ceus with disc element and tine element in the working position

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Comfortable working depth adjustment

The working depth of the front disc element in the Ceus-TX and Ceus-2TX is easily adjusted hydraulically. The tine element and the levelling unit in the Ceus-2TX can also be equipped with hydraulic working depth adjustment. Hydraulic adjustment of the tine element is also possible when operating without a roller. The tine element and the levelling unit can be mechanically adjusted via spindles as an alternative. Only mechanical working depth adjustment of the tine element is available for the rigid Ceus-TX.

Komfortable Arbeitstiefenverstellung (3)
Working depth displays of the three tool elements all in one view

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Arbeiten ohne Walze (1) Ceus_Arbeiten_Scheibenfeld_ausser_Eingriff_ohne_Walze_plus_Reifen_d1_180206

Operation without a roller

The Ceus-2TX can be also operated without rollers in very wet conditions. In this case, it is no longer guided at the rear via the rollers but via the running gear. Each wheel track is immediately loosened again by means of the tines following behind the wheels of the running gear.

Spacers on the piston rod of the running gear lift cylinder can be easily swivelled in to hold the running gear at the desired working depth.

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Ruhiger Lauf (1) ohne Walze_Ceus6001-2TX-super_Case_d0_kw_DJI_0464_d1_170822

Smooth running

To ensure that the machine runs smoothly, even at the larger working widths, and operates at a constant depth, additional pressurised support wheels are integrated into the machine from a working width of 6 m. A tine is also mounted behind each wheel, so that the wheel tracks are always loosened.

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