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Levelling and crumbling

Top-class levelling of the worked soil horizon is the basic requirement for an even reconsolidation. This is why an additional row of levelling discs is mounted behind the tine rows. To ensure a clean matching to the next bout, the height and angle of the side discs are adjustable.

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Levelling discs

For use in medium to heavy soils, levelling discs behind the tines are recommended. The serrated 460 mm diameter levelling discs have a powerful mixing effect and provide a consistent drive, even where there are large amounts of straw.

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Reliable disc bearings

The individual concave discs are mounted via elastic sprung rubber buffer blocks and thus feature a maintenance-free overload safety device. The bearings of the discs are, of course, maintenance-free.

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A wide range of following rollers for reconsolidating the soil are available for all AMAZONE soil tillage implements. Decide which roller suits your farm best!

SW cage roller 600 mm

UW U-Profile roller 580 mm

KW wedge ring roller 580 mm

KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 600 mm

KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 650 mm

DW disc roller 600 mm

TW tandem roller 520/380 mm

DUW Double U-Profile roller, 580 mm

DDU double disc U-profile roller 600 mm

DDW Double disc roller, 600 mm

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Roller bearing

All rear rollers on AMAZONE soil tillage implements are equipped with bolt-on bearing shafts. This keeps repair work to a minimum in the case of bearing damage. The robust spherical roller bearings provide high reliability and a long service life.

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HD roller bearings

The roller bearings are now available as an option in an HD version for maximum operational reliability and an extreme service life

  • Extreme service life thanks to a metallic face seal 
  • Completely maintenance-free with life-long lubrication thanks to the gear oil filling
  • Robust and insensitive due to spherical roller bearings instead of ball bearings

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Combination of rear roller and harrow

The perfect supplement to seedbed preparation

For seedbed preparation, the Ceus can also be equipped with a harrow for many of the rollers. The following harrow creates a very fine-crumbled soil surface structure and thus the perfect germination conditions for the following crops. An additional advantage when using the harrow is the optimised straw distribution.

Kombinationen aus Nachlaufwalze und Striegel (1) 78900187_Striegelsystem_12-125_HI_KW580_361_d1_210813
Harrow system for the SW, PW, KW and UW following rollers
Kombinationen aus Nachlaufwalze und Striegel (2) 78900072_Striegelsystem_12-250_HI_DUW_580_d1_210813
Harrow system for TW & DUW rear rollers

Kombinationen aus Nachlaufwalze und Striegel (3) 78900187_Striegelsystem_12-125_HI_KWM3001-600-125_952_d1_220322
Harrow system for KWM & DW following rollers

Kombinationen aus Nachlaufwalze und Striegel (4) 77900353_Federraeumersystem_VO_UW580_d1_210813
Sprung clearing system for UW rear rollers

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No roller, but with the double tine harrow instead

In addition to the extensive rear roller programme, AMAZONE also offers a double tine harrow for the Ceus. Instead of the targeted reconsolidation of the soil via the rear roller, the double tine harrow, on the contrary, ensures that the crop residues are more evenly distributed and that the surface is optimally levelled. In the spring, the double tine harrow makes shallow operation possible and thus ensures a quicker warming and drying of the soil. Thanks to the universal and flexible application possibilities of the Ceus, these are the perfect all-rounders on any farm.  

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The shallow Duo

The double harrow and duckfoot shares are the ideal combination for mechanical weed control and shallow soil tillage. Any capping of the upper 1 to 2 cm of the surface, for instance after rain, is broken up and thus the soil is aerated. Weed and disease carryover is improved because the double tine harrow leaves the grown weeds on the soil surface which then dry out. In this way, any impairment in the crop growth is minimised and the application of crop protection agents is reduced accordingly. 

Why work shallow?

  • The soil is loosened near to the surface so that the aeration of the soil, and thus the root growth, is increased 
  • A higher activity of the micro-organisms is promoted and thus nutrients are mobilised 
  • Minimising any evaporation of water in the soil 

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