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In rigid execution – Catros+ 01

In working widths of 3 to 4 m, the mounted compact disc harrows offer the right solution for small and medium-sized farms. Equipped with the Catros+ discs, the Catros+ 01 is the ideal compact disc harrow for precise, extremely shallow and intensively mixing stubble cultivation at working depths of 5 to 14 cm.

  • Catros+ 3001, 3.0 m working width, 3.0 m transport width
  • Catros+ 3501, 3.5 m working width, 3.5 m transport width
  • Catros+ 3001, 4.0 m working width, 4.0 m transport width
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Optimale Einstellung des Scheibenreihenversatzes (4) catros Kopie_111010

Optimum setting of the disc stagger

The position of the rows of discs can be adapted to the circumstances under certain application conditions. For example, you can quickly and easily optimise the offset of the two rows of discs without the need for any tools via a slide mechanism, if the soil has not been left loosened across the full working width. The adjustment is carried out via the four-sided eccentric block that acts as the limit stop.

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Transport position

In the case of the rigid Catros+ in 3 m and 3.5 m working widths, the two rows of discs are pushed towards each other when on the road with the aid of the offset slide mechanism and locked compactly together in the transport position. Optionally available: the comfortable, hydraulically-actuated slide adjustment.

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Catros+ 02-2

Comfort in a higher class

AMAZONE offers a high-output compact disc harrow for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage in the shape of the Catros+ 02. The hydraulically folding Catros+ 02 is available either as a mounted compact disc harrow or a trailed compact disc harrow with a bogey chassis in working widths from 4 to 6 m.

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Manual working depth adjustment so that you only work “as deep as necessary”

The Catros+ 02 can be centrally adjusted to the respective operating conditions very quickly and easily with the infinitely variable manual working depth adjustment. You only work with the compact disc harrow as deep as is necessary – this saves fuel.

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Hydraulische Arbeitstiefeneinstellung (1) CatrosXL6003-2TS_SS_d0_kw_P7087570_d1_190801

Hydraulic working depth adjustment

Available as an option, the hydraulic depth adjustment provides a high degree of comfort as it allows the working depth to be altered from the tractor cab, even on the move. For further orientation a clear depth scale is supplied. Allowing operation in the field to be as shallow as necessary and conveniently deeper on the headland and in wheel tracks. 

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Catros+ 02-2 – hydraulically folding mounted compact disc harrow

The hydraulically folding mounted compact disc harrows in working widths from 4 m to 6 m are ideal for meeting the highest demands in terms of acres covered and daily output at working depths of 5 to 14 cm. The hydraulically folding system means that nothing stands in the way of safe road transport with a transport width of less than 3 m.

  • Catros+ 4002-2, 4.0 m working width
  • Catros+ 5002-2, 5.0 m working width
  • Catros+ 6002-2, 6.0 m working width
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Äußerst niedriger Kraftstoffbedarf (1) CatrosXL8003-2TX_GD501_Valtra_d0_kw_P7170692_d1_190731

Outstandingly low fuel consumption

Working speeds from 10 to 18 km/h are not a problem with the Catros and Certos compact disc harrows. This enables you to achieve incredibly high work rates and keeps the working time down to a minimum. However, the low costs for fuel, wear and tear and repair are also key factors for profitable farming.

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Catros+-Scheiben (1) Scheiben_Bearbeitungshorizont_510gezackt_d1_210813

Catros+ discs – for more intensive mixing

The serrated, 510 mm diameter Catros+ discs are characterised by their more aggressive operation and a more reliable penetration even under difficult conditions. The optimum operational range of these discs is for stubble tillage, seedbed preparation and also the incorporation of catch crop residues.

  • Working depths from 5 to 14 cm
  • Thickness of discs 5 mm/disc diameter 510 mm/smooth, fine serrated or coarse serrated
  • Universal use for more intensive incorporation
  • More aggressive operation
  • Incorporation of organic fertilisers

  1. Catros+ 510 mm (coarse serrated)
  2. (smooth)
  3. (fine-serrated)
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Nie wieder abschmieren (1) Catroslager_33_d0_chrschm_d1_1170324

No lubrication ever again – thanks to the maintenance-free disc bearings

With no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. Face seals have been used for decades in road construction equipment where the rollers on the running gear of caterpillar-tracked vehicles have to be effectively sealed and continue to work absolutely reliably under the toughest of operational conditions. 

The benefits

  • Maintenance-free disc bearings with face seals and life-long lubrication
  • Maintenance-free overload protection via rubber spring elements
  • Individual disc suspension for optimised contour following and excellent through passage

  1. 2-row angular contact ball bearing
  2. 2 x seal ring (O-Ring)
  3. 2 x cast rings with face seal
  4. Face seal built into conical seats
  5. Gear oil filled housing
  6. Proven 1,000,000 times over!
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Steil angewinkelte Scheiben (1) Catros_Greendrill_005_d1_120822

Aggressively angled discs

The Catros+ and CatrosXL discs are mounted especially aggressively with an angle of 17° for the front row of discs and 14° for the rear row of discs. This ensures a smooth transfer of the soil/organic matter mix from the first to the second row of discs and results in first-class mixing of soil and plant material. Compared with flat angled discs, the discharge angle in this aggressive disc arrangement is noticeably smaller. In this way, the moved soil/organic matter mix is redeposited on the soil surface well ahead of the rear roller.

  • Utilising the slotted holes, the outer discs can be adjusted for depth to ensure a clean join up between one pass and the next.
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Perfekt – die einzeln aufgehängten ­Scheiben (1) Catros_Boden_Stein_170818

Perfect – the individually suspended discs

On all models, be it a Catros+, CatrosXL or Certos, each individual disc is suspended from the frame on elastic sprung rubber buffer blocks. This is much better than in machines with a rigid disc suspension, as each concave disc can individually follow the ground contours, meaning that wheel tracks are not simply just filled in but worked intensively. This makes for a consistent shallow tillage, even if the soil surface is uneven. At the same time, the individual suspension of the discs enables the optimum passage of large amounts of organic matter in comparison to machines where the discs are mounted in pairs, thereby increasing the through-flow.

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Sicher und absolut wartungsfrei! (1) Catros_Boden_Stein_170818_2

Reliable and absolutely maintenance-free!

The elastic sprung rubber buffer blocks for suspending the discs, not only ensure optimum contour following, but also act as overload safety protection on each individual disc. The large-dimensioned sprung rubber buffer blocks are maintenance-free and feature a long spring deflection that provides you with peace of mind, even in stony ground.

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