Additional equipment

Ausstattung für alle Ansprüche LED (1) UX5201_Fendt_d0_kw_P5110250

Options for all applications

LED individual nozzle lighting
Today, a professional work light system is the basis for flexible, high-performance operation in low-light conditions and at night. LED individual nozzle lighting picks out each individual spray fan. An absolutely immediate assessment of their operation down to the very last nozzle on the boom can be made.

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LED work lights

Boom lighting is provided by two LED work lights mounted in the centre of the boom and, from here, due to their wide-reaching illumination; prove to be a particularly effective execution.

Two further LED work lights to give additional background lighting can be mounted up on the platform.

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Kamerasystem (1) BrigadeVBV_d2_111006

Optional camera system

The optional camera system (only in conjunction with the ISOBUS terminals AmaTron 4 and AmaPad 2 or an external monitor) provides more safety at the rear in unclear driving situations. The system is also a super aid for monitoring the function of the nozzles directly behind the machine. This is ensured even in rain, twilight or in darkness via infrared LEDs and a heated lens. The high resolution, antiglare monitor is backlit and can also display two cameras at once.

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Wascheinrichtung (1) UX_0112

External wash kit

The crop protection sprayer can be thoroughly cleaned directly after use with the spray lance of the external wash kit.

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