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Leistungsstarkes und zuverlässiges Einfachpumpensystem (1) UX5200special_JohnDeere_d0_kw_P5316889_d1_190814

High performance and reliable single pump system

The UX Special features a single pump system with a capacity of 260 l/min or 380 l/min. The pump is driven as standard via the wide-angle PTO shaft. During the filling procedure at a nominal pump speed, the full pump capacity is available for filling the spray agent tank. At the same time, either the contents of the induction bowl can be drawn out via the venturi or the total fill capacity can be increased up to 400 or 500 l/min.

Benefits of a piston diaphragm pump:

  • Simple handling due to its self-priming capability at the start of the filling procedure
  • Very high, consistent application rates with system pressures of up to 10 bar 
  • Can run dry and is liquid-fertiliser proof 
  • Long service life 
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SmartCenter – Zentrales Bedienfeld (1) UX5200special_d0_kw_P5161254_1


Centralised operator station

The UX Special crop protection sprayer is equipped with the SmartCenter, a centralised and ergonomically designed operator station. All the operating elements with the induction bowl and the complete operator station together with fill ports for the suction and pressure filling are directly provided on the front left of the driver's side and are logically and unmistakably arranged.

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Einspülbehälter und Power-Injektor (1) UX5200special_d0_kw_P5161254

Induction bowl and power injector

The high-performance induction bowl features a volume of 55 l and ensures the safe induction of crop protection agents. Active ingredients, in powder or granulated form, are reliably dissolved in the induction bowl with its integrated rinse ring that includes an additional nozzle, and can be quickly and simultaneously inducted with the venturi. The induction bowl is splash-proof and can be, when closed, internally cleaned.

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Komfortable und gründliche Reinigung mit dem Einspülbehälter (1) UX5200special_JohnDeere_d0_kw_P5316907

Comfortable and thorough clean out with the induction bowl

For the comfortable cleaning of spray agent canisters and measuring jugs, the induction bowl provides a rotating nozzle. These make it possible to make full use of sticky spray agents and to rinse the spray agent canisters very thoroughly.

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2 Zoll Saugarmatu (1) UX5200special_d0_kw_P5161259

2" suction valve – suction capacity up to 500 l/min

  1. Self cleaning pressure filter
  2. Control tap on the pressure side
  3. Venturi fast fill
  4. Agitation tap
  5. Suction filter
  6. Control tap on the suction side
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Comfort-Pack – for the in-cab control of the liquid system

Comfort-Pack on the UX Special controls the most important functions of the spray liquid system.

  • Automatic fill stop
  • Agitator control
  • Automatic, in-cab remote cleaning

The hydraulic agitator is switched off at low fill levels to prevent any foaming of the crop protection agent and also to minimise the residual spray volumes when spraying. The remaining spray agent is always returned to the suction filter via the return flow. In this way, any unintended dilution of the spray liquid is prevented. The in-cab controlled internal cleaning nozzles ensure a superb cleaning efficiency. The Comfort-Pack automatically ensures that the agitation will be rinsed.

  1. UX Special Comfort-Pack
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Operationally safe suction and pressure filters

Both the suction and pressure filters are especially practical and operationally safe. The 32 mesh/cm² suction filter can be opened and cleaned without any loss of spray agent, even when the machine is full. The pressure filter on all UX sprayers is fitted as standard with a 50 mesh/cm² insert, or 80 or 100 mesh/cm² as an option, and is self-cleaning.

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Füllstandsanzeige (1) UX5200special_d0_kw_P5161260_d2_200817

Fill level indicator

The manual fill level indicator for the spray agent and fresh water tanks is equipped as standard and is clearly visible on the machine. A digital fill level indicator is available as an option.

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