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Drawbar damping – For protection of the booms

All drawbars are provided with the drawbar shock absorbance system, an important design element in the UX. Minimising the to and fro movements between frame and drawbar it also protects the booms and prevents any rocking movement of the tractor keeping the operator comfortable.

  1. Spring damping element
  2. Spring steel
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Linking to the tractor – Just as you need it to be

No matter whether using a rigid hitch drawbar with ball coupling or the classic towing eye, AMAZONE always offers the right solution for your tractor. Make a choice between top hitch or lower mounting, between 40 mm or 50 mm diameter towing eyes, or the K 80 ball coupling.

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Axles and brakes

Safety first!

The wide variety of axles offer the right solution for every requirement.

The benefits:

  • Tyre sizes up to 520/85 R46 (2.05 m diameter) possible
  • Ground clearance up to 82 cm
  • Permissible speeds of up to 60 km/h with the ALB system (automatic load dependent braking)

The options:

  • Fixed axles with track widths from 1.50 to 2.25 m – two track widths are possible by reversing the wheels.
  • Adjustable axle with stepless track width adjustment from 1.50 m to 2.25 m for the UX 3200 Special and the UX 4200 Special
  • AutoTrail axle steering with control via the multifunction joystick
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Always remain on track!

The AutoTrail axle steering

  • “When the wheels are turned in the field, hardly any steering forces are transferred to the booms. Therefore the steering is continuously active in the field – even when on a straight run. Then if the tractor steers, the wheels of the sprayer are immediately also steered. How smoothly this happens we were able to see during operation. It didn’t matter whether we drove fast or slowly, nothing wobbled on the boom when turning.”
    (”dlz agrar magazine” – Test report “Safe in the track“· 06/2011)
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AutoTrail drawbar steering

For the UX Special, in working widths up to 28 m, there is the option of AutoTrail drawbar steering when working on level ground. Alternatively, the steering drawbar can also be controlled via the hydraulic drawbar control, e.g. for steering in row crops.

  • Optional for UX Special up to 30 m boom widths

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AutoTrail axle steering

The optional AutoTrail axle steering provides the driver with the utmost comfort and ensures an especially smooth boom ride and high stability. The track-following capability, particularly when in the reversing position, is outstanding. This steering of the axle is also possible in the folded-in position.

  • Optional
  1. Inner turning circle
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Clever AutoTrail steering

AutoTrail steering ensures an intelligent, track-true steering behaviour and can be easily calibrated for any tractor type. The AutoTrail steering systems can be activated at any time and can be oversteered using manual readjustment on slopes. Especially helpful in narrow field entrances is, with the Auto-Trail steering, the ability to activate the steering even with the booms folded.

  • With steering angles of 20°, the steering axles of the UX trailed sprayers also negotiate tight bends with ease.
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Slope compensation for AutoTrail steering

As an option, AutoTrail steering can be equipped with a tilt sensor for fully automatic slope compensation. As the steering angle, depending on severity of the terrain, has to be possibly adjusted, the intensity of the setting can be altered at any time via the joystick.

  • Optional

  1. Slippage downhill with the slope compensation deactivated
  2. Activated slope compensation of the AutoTrail steering
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